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Online Resources

Remembering Boxers of the Past, by Tony Triem

International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO), and
Cyber Boxing Zone

Boxing Books:
Historical and General: Prize Fighting Books

Sam Langford, by Clay Moyle

The Liberated Life and Turbulent Times of Frederick Douglass,  From Molineaux to Michael: African Americans in Athletics,  We Shall Overcome: Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement, Let the Church say Amen: Blacks and Religion in America., and  From Pre Civil War to Civil Rights; Southern Triumphs over Tragedies
Mike Glenn

Boxing Books & Memorabilia
Boxing Treasures

Talkin Boxing With Billy C
Live hourly shows, and on the web at the podbean location,

Boxing Managers:
Cloverlay Management

Boxing Websites:
Al Bernstein Boxing Channel

New Mexico: NewMexico Boxing

KOFantasy Boxing
Fist Things First
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